Battered or breaded mushrooms. Homemade recipe for children

Battered or breaded mushrooms. Homemade recipe for children

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Including mushrooms in the children's diet favors their health because they are rich in protein, potassium and sodium, and minerals.

Mushrooms are rich in fiber and have an antioxidant and immune-stimulating action. It is also a versatile food that we can use in different stews, roasts, among others.


  • Whole mushrooms
  • Wheat flour for coating
  • 2 eggs
  • Bread flour for coating
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt
  • Tips: it is recommended that this recipe be made with fresh mushrooms, not frozen, to prevent them from becoming mushy.

Thus, has made this homemade recipe for battered or breaded mushrooms, ideal for an aperitif, to accompany a children's lunch or dinner. You can serve them with different and varied sauces.

1. Wash and clean the mushrooms well.

2. Dry them with kitchen paper

3. After salting the mushrooms, start coating them.

4. First, pass the mushrooms, one by one, through the wheat flour.

5. After the flour, pass them through the beaten egg.

6. Finally, pass them through the breadcrumbs.

7. Fry in hot oil over medium heat, until golden brown.

8. Remove them from the pan and let them rest on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

Serve accompanied with ai-oli or tomato sauce.

Enjoy your meal!

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