There is a planet. Children's poem to dream

There is a planet. Children's poem to dream

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Through poems children can encourage and stimulate their creativity and imagination. And the fact is that reading stories, stories and stories, whether in verse or prose, teaches children not only new vocabulary but also about emotions and feelings and, above all, invites them to dream.

This is precisely what this children's poem to dream: There is a planet. The idea of ​​achieving the dream of being an astronaut, traveling through space and visiting other worlds. If your child likes space or fantasy, don't stop reading this poetry to him.

There is a planet in the sky

that I want to visit,

by plane or by airplane,

or in a spaceship.

And dressed as an astronaut

I want to get there

meet aliens

and outer space.

Between stars and stars

greet the moon,

and among the stars in the sky,

jump, play and dream.

Learning to read should go hand in hand with learning to understand what is read. To help our children improve their reading comprehension, we invite you to ask them these questions about this nursery rhyme:

- What does the protagonist want to travel to the planet?

- What do you want to know in space?

- What will he do in heaven?

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