7 catastrophic recycling mistakes we shouldn't teach kids

7 catastrophic recycling mistakes we shouldn't teach kids

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We all know that having four trash cans in the kitchen It is a real pestiño, especially if you have a small house. But recycling today is a matter of survival of the species, and that we must instill in children from an early age, and lead by example. The trick is to have small cubes that occupy half the size of the other cubes, the advantage is that you can throw away the garbage every day without having to smell the onion fermenting in your kitchen.

Why we should teach children to recycle: because garbage generates infections and diseases and pollutes rivers, seas and farmlands.

By recycling we reduce environmental pollution, save energy (for the most tight-fisted) and avoid deforestation from the woods. But recycling is not easy, we show you what are the Catastrophic recycling mistakes that we should not teach children.

Remember: The Earth is not yours and in what kind of world do you want your children to live?

1 -Wipes, diapers, pads and tampons: Never to the toilet. They cause blockages in the pipes, break water treatment plants, and some reach the seas and rivers. If you have to get rid of a lot of diapers, which also smell terrible in the trash, there are watertight containers for diapers, which you can then throw away in the normal trash. The rest you can get rid of by putting a trash can next to the toilet.

2 - No pooping or throw away the remains of the food on the beach. You may think: "if my son makes angel poop" ..., but when you are calmly bathing in the sea, you will not think the same when you see the poop of the child next to you floating.

Nor is it pleasant to dive next to the head of a dead shrimp or a piece of lettuce. You might even think, "If it's organic waste the fish are going to eat," but that I know, groupers don't eat sausages or eggs, and you'd be surprised to know the genetic changes that this feeding causes in your body.

3- Medications: Never throw them away. They contain dangerous and highly polluting substances, you always have to throw them away clean point.

4- The oil: A controversial residue. Never throw it away drain, since a liter of oil contaminates 10,000 liters of water. It is an authentic ecological attack. Much better if you turn it into soap, candles, an oil lamp or use it to wax. Do not get rid of it like the typical heavy neighbor, closing the door without more, but, if you have no choice but to throw it away, you can let it cool, pick it up with a kitchen paper and throw it away. normal trash, or pour it into a plastic bottle with a lid and take it to a clean point.

5- Plastics are a whole world. Not all plastics go to the plastics container, only those that are packaging and enveloping. That is, not the toothbrush, razors, toys, plastic buckets, or straws; and yes to such curious things that are part of packaging such as: plastic caps, metal sheets, corks, bricks and wooden fruit boxes.

6- Glass: the same goes for glass. Glass is not the same as glass, although almost no one can tell which is which, so no throwing away mirrors, ashtrays, glasses, and much less light bulbs that carry mercury, such as low-consumption ones.

7- The role: No clinex with snot sticking, nor the kitchen paper with fat, or without it. Only clean paper and pristine cardboard. The pizza boxes stained with leftovers from the night before are not worth it either, but the hundreds of drawings that your child leaves scattered throughout the house are.

How you see the world of recycling is complex, but since we start to recycle, it is better to do it well, since it costs the same, and above all, we set an example for children. They will be the inheritors of the Earth and our garbage.

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