10 phrases from the movie Coco for children. Phrases that educate in values

10 phrases from the movie Coco for children. Phrases that educate in values

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The film Coco (Pixar, 2017) is undoubtedly one of those essential films to see, due to its aesthetics, its beautiful tribute to Mexican culture and the amount of values ​​it transmits to children.

The film focuses on the Day of the Dead, a very popular celebration in Mexico with which they remember loved ones who died. A child, Miguel, will discover throughout an incredible adventure, the value of family, friendship, honesty and of course, perseverance and effort. Find out here the best phrases from the movie Coco for children, phrases that will make you reflect with your child on numerous values. has selected the best phrases from the movie Coco to reflect with the children of different essential values. The film is also a tribute to grandparents and to the memory and respect of loved ones who died.

Read these phrases to your child and take advantage of them to talk with him about love, family, courage, trust, effort and perseverance.

1. 'Live your moment'. This is one of the phrases that the child protagonist of the film hears over and over again from the mouth of his idol, the singer Ernesto de la Cruz, the person for whom he wants to dedicate himself to music. It is a 'Carpe Diem', a phrase that invites children to live in the present and to follow their path, to be aware of what they want to do and what they would like to be and to do everything possible to follow their dream.

2. 'Never underestimate the power of music.' A tribute phrase to the world of music, so "not very well seen" among many families. Music, like any other artistic discipline, has infinite benefits for children, and it is also a fascinating form of expression and channeling of emotions.

3. 'Remember me. Dont cry please. I carry you in my heart and you will have me close '. This phrase, by Héctor Rivera in the movie Coco (the true author of a series of very popular songs) is part of the main song of the film. It is a love song dedicated to the people who died. He comes to say that in reality 'love never dies', and although a person is no longer physically, his memory (his spirit) will always be.

4. 'The rest of the world obeys rules, but I obey my heart'. Another song by the singer Ernesto de la Cruz, which refers to acts motivated by impulses of the heart. The rules are to be obeyed, but sometimes, you have to value paying less attention to reason compared to the impulse of the heart or intuition.

5. 'Never forget how much your family loves you.' The phrase, pronounced by the mother of Miguel, the protagonist of Coco's film, reminds the child that family is everything, support, support and love to travel protected throughout his life.

6. 'Because death is life, turn on lights elsewhere.' For believers, death is not the end of life, but the beginning of a different life. A belief that is represented in this movie thanks to this popular Mexican tradition. During the Day of the Dead, in Mexico candles are lit next to the photographs of loved ones who died, as a gesture of remembrance and confidence that they are still alive in another place.

7. 'Nobody was going to give me my future. It was up to me to strive for my dream, hold it tight ... and make it come true ' (Ernesto de la Cruz). A phrase that speaks of effort and perseverance. Success does not come by chance, success and dreams are achieved with a lot of effort and perseverance. On the way you will have to overcome obstacles and recover from frustrations and falls. In the end, those who persevere, reach their goal.

8. 'All my life there was always something inside me. Something that made me different '. This phrase is from Miguel, the protagonist of the film. We all have a gift, something that makes us unique and special. Discovering it is really what makes us succeed and follow the right path.

9. 'When life hits me, I play my guitar' (Ernesto de la Cruz). Art, music, painting, writing ... are vehicles for transmitting emotions and also for channeling emotions. They can also be a balm, an escape in more difficult moments.

10. 'Music is my language and the world is my family'. Miguel is a very independent and autonomous child, and although he has a family that loves him very much, he has an urgent need to explore the world. What's more, he is able to see the world as his family. A message of tolerance and union among all peoples.

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