How to involve children in celebrating New Years Eve

How to involve children in celebrating New Years Eve

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New Year's Eve is a very important date, as we say goodbye to the year and celebrate the arrival of a new one. In different cultures, New Year's Eve is a party where they put into practice traditions and rituals where parents must include the little ones in the house.

On our site we tell you how you can Involve the children in the New Year's Eve celebration so that they enjoy it as much as on Christmas Eve.

The family and in particular the parents are the most important in charge of the developmental development of children. Through these agents, the little ones can learn: norms, behavior patterns, etc.

One of the most effective resources used by adults for the education of children are those family celebrations. Thanks to them, the little ones have the opportunity to interact with other generations, be participants in family customs and develop their sense of belonging to a group.

Thus, being the perfect learning scenario, children will be able to learn the social skills necessary to interact with others, receiving affection, love and security.

The New Year's celebration is a good opportunity for parents and relatives to get closer to children. It is a good time to make them participate and give them confidence to express themselves and get to know them better. Also, it will be positive for children for all these reasons:

- Increased self-esteem. In this context of celebration, children can feel heard, feel the interest of others in what they are saying. Thus, the child feels safe, integrated into the family and loved.

- Promotes values. The child learns in these meetings through the example of grandparents, uncles and parents respect for others, listening, responsibility, etc. All important values ​​for social relationships.

- The negotiation. These types of celebrations are a good time to practice skills such as cooperation or negotiation.

- Communication. You learn to take turns speaking and communicating your own ideas, etc.

It is necessary for parents to take into account some precautions so that the child feels as comfortable as possible in these celebrations. Some advices:

- Explain to the child the importance of the party. It is important for the child to know the reason why family and friends gather. Talk to the children and explain the meaning that these celebrations have for the family, thus transmitting the history of the family to the little ones, making them participants in family rites and traditions, which go beyond this festival and link them with the "Family culture".

- Show the value it has. Teach him that the New Year represents a change and a time to think about what we want to improve for the next year that is coming.

- Make way for family anecdotes. Tell them how parents lived the end of the year holidays when they were little, what they ate and with whom they shared for New Years.

- Be a participant in the setting of these parties, with specific tasks and according to their age, such as making wish lists for the new year, cards or special letters for family members or grandparents to decorate the table, help cook a recipe, etc.

- If it stays at the bells ... It is important that children live traditions from a young age. One of them is the 12 chimes. If it is decided that the child lives them together with all his relatives, it is important that during the day he takes a long nap to make up the hours that he does not go to sleep at night.

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