The innocence of children

The innocence of children

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Today is the day of the innocent saints, a day dedicated to children, a day to learn to value the vision that children have of the world and to try to preserve that simple, happy, credulous and imaginative look of our children in the situations that surround them.

Maybe we want to recall how we were when children and play a little joke on the innocent on duty ... What do you think?

But also, today is an excellent opportunity to listen to our little ones. We will surely be captivated by his innocence! They teach us more than we think. It fascinates me to observe that great capacity to learn, his capacity to be surprised and, above all, the innocence of his reasoning. Behind his innocence dwells the sincerity of his heart, which is why the innocent and simple comment of a child is so beautiful to our ears. Children believe everything we tell them, because they trust us and admire us.

The innocence of a child does not reflect ignorance, naivety or lack of maturity, it reflects surprise, illusion, imagination, his clean and wonderful way of seeing things. A few days ago I witnessed an impromptu conversation between a father and his 4 or 5 year old boy. Sitting behind me on a plane, a father lovingly explained to his son what the plane was like, how he would fly through the air, how the masks came off, how he fastened his seatbelt, and how the pilot and flight attendants talked on the loudspeaker ... I suppose with the intention of reassuring and teaching the child that new experience.

The little one, attended to his father with lively eyes, with his mouth open for all the news that his father told him ..., he attended with great attention, looked curiously and touched everything with enthusiasm. All this happened while the plane took off and when we were already very high, the boy looked carefully at the wings of the plane that could be seen from the window, he turned to his dad in surprise and asked: 'But dad, why aren't the wings of the plane? move, how can it fly? ' In his innocent intelligence he expected the plane to fly flapping its wings like a bird.

Stories like these have been lived with our children by all the parents of the world, because children are that wonderful and special. Maturing should not mean abandoning this capacity for sincere response, stopping learning, being back from everything. Let us be surprised and exercise our curiosity about things, about people, about the world around us and, above all, about the innocence of our children.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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