Games for traveling with children by car

Games for traveling with children by car

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Long car trips are very tiring for the whole family, but especially for children. To prevent them from getting tired, or not stopping asking when we arrive or starting to fight each other out of sheer boredom, it is necessary to sharpen the wit to entertain them. There are some games for traveling with children by car, very fun, that can liven up the trip both for children and adults:

1. Chained words
It consists of saying a first word and chaining the next one, forming a new one with the last syllable of the previous word. This game helps children expand their vocabulary, while sparking their imaginations.

2. Simon says
A fun classic for kids. Someone plays the role of Simon and he will be the one who will give orders to the rest. Every time you say: 'Simon says ...' you have to obey but if you give an order without first saying 'Simon says' you don't have to comply with it and whoever does it loses. For example: 'Simon says you have to stick your tongue out' and everyone sticks their tongue out, but if you say 'Touch your hair', you don't have to do it because you just didn't say 'Simon says touch your hair'.

3. Sing familiar songs or teach new ones
As the saying goes "he who sings his evils scares" and nothing better to scare away boredom than singing all the repertoire of songs that we know and giving the opportunity to teach others a new one.

4. Identify songs
It consists of humming a melody of a song until someone can guess it.

5. Role-Play
Assign roles to children in a situation. In a hypermarket: shop assistant, customer. At the train station. At home...

6. Neither yes nor no neither black nor white
The number of players is unlimited. One of the players is the one who asks the participants questions that they must answer quickly without saying yes, no, white or black. The only one who can say these words is the one who asks the questions and if the one who answers does so, he loses.

7. Play Veo, Veo
It is the classic game of entertainment by observation. It consists of saying the first letter of the object that the player is seeing at that moment. The rest of the players must guess the word, clues can be given if allowed, and the winner is the player who manages to guess the word.

8. Count cars
It consists of establishing a parameter to count cars either by colors, by brands or by models, for example. In addition to the cars, you can count any other element of the landscape that you want.

9. Association of ideas
To play this game we start with a word and then think of others that come to mind related to the word. For example, School: student, class, subject, teacher, grades, evaluations ...

10. Change stories
A game to unleash the imagination that consists of telling a story and changing one of the characters, the title, the development or the ending.

11. Honk the horn
Each participant chooses a color and must add up how many cars are of that color. Whoever adds 10 vehicles faster wins. The same game can also be made with models or makes of cars and when it reaches 10, the driver must honk the horn.

12. Make up stories
Another idea to transport the mind to other worlds during travel is to make up stories in parts. Each of the family members makes up a part.

13. Words that begin with ...
The game is based on giving time to think of words that begin with a certain letter.

14. The fatal vowel
One player whispers a word in the ear to another. To explain to others what the word is, you must use others with the same vowel. You can describe the word so that others can guess it, but using the only vowel you choose. And if the diviners want to ask questions, you can only use the same vowel to ask them.

15. Tongue twisters
An always fun game that consists of not getting stuck with the tongue twister, that is, pronouncing a complicated phrase with many similar phonemes in the shortest possible time.

16. Riddles
Solving puzzles and riddles is a very educational game, as it helps children to think. He who gives up loses.

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