To a man with a big nose. Poem by Francisco de Quevedo for children

To a man with a big nose. Poem by Francisco de Quevedo for children

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Francisco de Quevedo, one of the most prominent literati of the Spanish Golden Age, was a man little given to complicated twists in his poems. He preferred well-defined concepts and the ingenuity of puns. For this reason he liked to ridicule his partner Luis de Gongora, poet of his time but more prone to baroque and complicated poetry.

To a man with a big nose it is a satirical sonnet that Quevedo wrote to get in and ridicule the big nose that Góngora had. It's a poem funny that children tend to like a lot, especially when you tell them the story behind it.

Once upon a man nose stuck,

once upon a superlative nose,

once upon a time there was a real nose and write,

Once upon a very bearded swordfish.

Was a sundial bad-looking,

once upon a thoughtful altar,

there was an elephant face up,

Ovidio Nasón was more narrated.

Once upon a spur of a galley,

once upon a pyramid in Egypt,

the twelve tribes of noses it was.

Once upon very nosy infinite,

so much nose, nose so fierce

that in the face of Annas it was a crime.

Reading comprehension is important to develop reading in the child. Not only is it enough to understand each word, but it is important to know what the word means. full text.

If you want to know if your child has understood the poetry from Quevedo, we leave you a series of questions you must answer:

- Why do you say it was a man with a glued nose?

- What is a swordfish?

- Why do you compare the nose to a sundial?

- Is it a very exaggeration to say that it was a pyramid from Egypt?

- Why are you exaggerating so much when describing Góngora's nose?

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