Three Kings coloring pages

Three Kings coloring pages

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Christmas drawings to print and paint of Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar


The tradition of wise men Invites the children to leave their shoes next to the Christmas tree, so that the next day it appears full of gifts. It is a beautiful tradition that children can participate in by printing and coloring this drawing.

To get to portal of Bethlehem, the three Wise Men presented the Child Jesus with their gifts: chests of gold, incense and myrrh. This drawing represents that moment of Christmas, you can print and color it with your children.

The Magi came from the East on the back of their camels. That is why these animals are one of the symbols related to the Magi. You can print this drawing of a camel to paint with your children.

Coloring Christmas pictures is an ideal activity to enjoy during the holidays of the kids. In addition, they serve to decorate the house. Print and paint this drawing of the Magi with your children.

The King Balthazar, with his dark skin and black hair, he wears an original turban and a chest with myrrh. He is a Wise King very loved by children, now you can print and color Baltasar's drawing.

The King Gaspar, with his cape and crown, he is usually painted with brown or blond hair and beard. Enjoy coloring with the children the drawing of this Wizard King that you can find on our site

The King Melchior it is usually represented with a long white or gray beard, crown and cape in gold and red, as well as a gold chest. We invite you to print this Christmas drawing of the Three Kings and color it with your children.

Coloring and drawing are very fun activities for children. If you want to have a fun time with the children at Christmas you can print this drawing of the Magi and paint it to decorate home.



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