Christmas sweets that can be dangerous for children

Christmas sweets that can be dangerous for children

Nougat, marzipan, roscones, polvorones ... All these delicacies crown dinners and family meals. However, we must pay special attention to the smallest of the house since some Christmas candy can be dangerous for children.

And, many of them are made with nuts, and it is precisely at Christmas when the number of allergic reactions among children increases considerably. Although allergy to nuts is not the only danger that Christmas sweets have for children.

During the Christmas holidays, the number of allergic reactions in children skyrockets due to the increase in the consumption of sweets containing these foods. Nevertheless, Not only are they dangerous for allergic children, nuts can also cause choking and therefore suffocates the child.

And it is that, children under five years of age do not yet have the necessary ability to properly crush walnuts, peanuts, almonds or hazelnuts. Therefore, they can pass uncrushed into the airways, obstructing the air inlet and causing immediate suffocation. For these reasons, The Spanish Association of Pediatrics recommends not giving children nuts before the age of 5.

While it is true that the dried fruit is a highly nutritional food and provides many benefits, it is also true that we must follow the recommendations of pediatricians who alert us to the danger they can have for younger children. That is why we must exercise extreme caution with these Christmas sweets and children:

- Nougat: There are many and very different varieties, almond, hazelnut, with chocolate, hard, soft, praline ... However, most nuts are used to make it. The dried fruit is a potentially dangerous food for young children so they should not eat it. And, the older ones, whenever they do, they should be supervised and avoid giving them a piece of nougat so that they can go to play or watch television.

- Polvorones: They can be dangerous Christmas sweets for children for two reasons, one of them is their high flour content, which gives it that powdery texture that gives it the name, however, if the child sucks hard instead of chewing, In a fit of laughter or a bad gesture, these traces of polvorón can cause a coughing attack and the consequent choking in the child. The other is that they are generally made with almonds.

- Peladillas: these are candied almonds, after a layer of sugar we reach the dried fruit that, again, can be dangerous for children under 5 years of age.

- Stiffened: They are made from a kind of marzipan based on egg yolk covered by pine nuts. Both the base and the pinion itself can cause choking in children. And is that the pine nuts are presented whole and not crushed.

- Marzipan: It is made from almonds and sugar, although there is also another very typical variant in Latin America made with peanuts, although its texture is drier. Both its composition and its texture can cause choking in minors.

- The Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics prohibits giving nuts to children up to five years of age, or, where appropriate, always giving them crushed.

- It is recommended introduce the nuts separately in order, in case of allergy, to be able to identify which one is causing a reaction.

- Always watch the child when he eats any dried fruit or any food that contains it.

- If your child has a food allergy already diagnosed, be extremely careful with nuts as allergic children are more likely to suffer from other types of allergies.

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