The eight-legged spider. Fable for children with a moral

The eight-legged spider. Fable for children with a moral

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Maria O'Donnell tells us the new fable of The Spider Ochopatas.

A story for children on the importance of not being too dispersed in the tasks that we must do, or we will not do any of them well.

On a lovely sunny day, the spider Ochopatas He went to the park with his four daughters: Patipú, Telita, Bichi and Trepadora. The little spiders loved to go there whenever they could.

Patipú asked his mother to push him on the swing, and she began to do it with one of her eight legs.

- Louder, Mom, I want to touch the clouds!

Then, Telita wanted to play ball, and the mother started shoot with her while swinging Patipú with another leg.

Later, Bichi asked her: - "Mom, please make me a hole to play in the sand" - and the mother began to do it with one leg, while with another she passed the ball to Telita and with another she swung Patipú with force.

Finally, Climber wanted to show her mother how high she was climbing a pipe. So, Ochopatas distracted looking up, he put a leg in the hole he had made for Bichi and fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Telita had already passed the ball, and since the mother was not there to return it, she accidentally hit Patipú who was still on the swing. What a mess! Ochopatas understood that could not attend well his four daughters at the same time.

Moral:Do things one by one or none of them will work out.

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