Christmas legends for children

Christmas legends for children

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Do you know that in Iceland it is not Santa Claus, but 13 Santa Claus who leave gifts to children? And could you tell who the Befana is? Discover different Christmas legends for children based on deeply rooted traditions in countries on all continents.

Christmas is celebrated all over the planet. But not in all countries it is celebrated in a similar way. Each area and each region has a series of popular traditions that they have passed from generation to generation through precious legends. We invite you to discover them together with your children. offers you a selection of beautiful short Christmas legends to read to children. Discover the story of old Befana or the little men who bring gifts to Icelandic children.

Enjoy with your children with these short Christmas stories based on legends that have been passed down from generation to generation orally. They are mostly tales and stories that hide fantastic values ​​to transmit to children.

The 13 Little Men of Christmas. Icelandic legend. Santa Claus does not arrive in Iceland ... but 13! We tell you the legend of the 13 little men of Christmas. a beautiful story about a very old tradition among Icelandic children on Christmas night.

The befana. Italian legend. We tell you the legend of Befana, or the witch Befana, a very popular story among Italian children. It is a Christmas legend to tell to children.

The spiders of Christmas. German legend. The legend of the Christmas spider. Short story for children, based on a German legend that tells of the origin of decorations and tinsel on the Christmas tree. Christmas story for children. Why are Christmas trees decorated with stars, balls and tinsel?

Christmas Eve's flower. Mexican legend. Poinsettia or Poinsettia flower. Learn about the short legend of Mexican origin to tell children at Christmas. Legend about the origin of the Christmas Flower. Short stories for Christmas. The Poinsettia is a universal emblem of Christmas. Dressed in red and green, she participates in Christmas more and more actively.

Tomte. Scandinavian legend. We tell you a Scandinavian legend for Christmas: Tomte, the Christmas gnome. It is a story about the Santa Claus of Scandinavia, very different from the one we know in other countries.

Santa's helper. Legend of Switzerland. This is a Christmas tale based on a Swiss legend. It tells the story of a girl who sent an unusual letter to Santa Claus. In it, he did not ask for a toy, but something very different. A Christmas legend to teach children to reflect on their actions and the consequences.

Artaban. American legend. Artaban is the story of the fourth wizard king. It is based on the story by the American writer Henry Van Dyke, entitled 'The other wise man'.

Babushka. Russian legend. Traditional Russian tale about the figure of Babushka, an old woman who distributes gifts every December 24 to all Russian children. But why does it do it? A children's story for children to know the true spirit of Christmas. Babushka's Christmas Story.

The robin's fire. Irish legend. Here's a lovely story for Christmas, based on an Irish legend. The protagonist, in this case, is a small bird. In this story they tell us the origin of robins.

The Snow Maiden. The Snow Maiden is a Russian legend that tells of who brings Christmas gifts to the children of this region at Christmas. Discover this endearing legend with your children.

Belsnickel. German Christmas legend. We tell you the legend of Belsnickel, a Christmas character closely linked to Santa Claus. Discover with your son this beautiful legend that is widely listened to in countries like Austria and Germany.

The beautiful ox. Legend of Bhutan. The story of the beautiful ox speaks of friendship, and of values ​​such as humility and respect. Very timely for the Christmas season, a great time to talk about values ​​with the children.

The socks of Saint Nicholas. Turkish legend. Christmas story based on a Turkish legend about Santa Claus or Santa Claus. Christmas legend for children about the figure of Santa Claus. Christmas story with values.

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