Christmas tree with balloons. Balloon twisting for children

Christmas tree with balloons. Balloon twisting for children

In we present you a small but very colorful centerpiece. It is a Christmas tree made with balloons, of different colors, with which you can decorate your house during the Christmas parties. Kids will love making this craft and playing with balloons.

Learn to perform using the balloon twisting technique, this christmas fir, step by step, very easy. An original balloon craft in which children can collaborate. Merry Christmas!


  • 1 wooden base
  • 1 wooden toothpick
  • 4 twitter balloons 260
  • 3 twitter balloons 160
  • 6 brown R5 balloons

1: Line the wooden stick as indicated in the figure.

2: Insert the rod into the base, for this you must have opened a small hole in the base so that it can enter. Blow up 4 brown R5 balloons to three inches and make a quartet of balloons, which you will introduce to the base.

3: Inflate 2 brown R5 balloons to three inches, dividing each one in half as shown in the image and then making a quartet of balloons. Insert it into the base.

4: Inflate the four green Twitter and join their ends, inflate the first leaving about two fingers uninflated, the following leaves uninflated 4, 6, 8 fingers respectively.

5: Make a daisy or fantasy flower by folding the balloons.

6. Insert the flowers in the bases starting with the largest. The Twitter 160, cut them into approximately two fingers and make small bubbles, which you can then attach to the tree with a little glue for balloons. Successes, remember that the limit is your imagination!

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