The King of Peace. Christmas poem for children

The King of Peace. Christmas poem for children

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Gloria Fuertes wrote beautiful poems for children dedicated to the Christmas.

The King of Peace is a poem dedicated to the birth of Jesus and peace. It is perfect for children to recite this Christmas next to the birth surrounded by the family and eating polvorones.

It's a night to celebrate!

Cheer up, zagala!

Rejoice Pastor!

Jesus is born,

He is our Redeemer.

Jesus is born,

what a shame, in a stable,

without more light than its light,

no more sun than your hands.

With no more light than your eyes

the Crucified was born,

was born King of Peace,

the White Lamb was born.

Same the shepherds

that the Magi,

bend their knees

and they drink singing.

Y drink peace

of his clear eyes.

The cold does not want

enter the stable.

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