My mother Christmas poem for children

My mother Christmas poem for children

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The Virgin Mary has had the child in the portal of Bethlehem. Everyone wants to meet the newcomer, including the Three Wise Men, who come by camel from the East.

This lovely poem called My mother, It is one of the Christmas poems that Gloria Fuertes wrote for children.

The Virgin,

smiles very beautiful.

The rosebush has already sprouted,

that came down to earth

to perfume!

The virgin mary

sings lullabies already.

And sing to a star

who knew how to get down

to Bethlehem flying

like one more pastor.

Three Kings arrived;

it stops snowing.

The moon has seen him,

stop crying!

Your cry of snow

curdled in the pine forest.

A thousand angels sing

crystal song

that a Carnation was born

of a soft rosebush.

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