The man, the bee and the sheep. Fable about kindness for children

The man, the bee and the sheep. Fable about kindness for children

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Fables are an entertaining way to instill moral values ​​in children. They are entertaining and entertaining and always carry a moral after them.

There are great fabulists well known as Aesop, or Samaniego, but in you will discover fables more unknown and that were written by great writers like Lessing; this is one of them.

The man, the bee and the sheep is a curious short fable that tells us about the true disinterest in kindness.

Once, when a man was collecting honey from a comb,

a proud Bee he asked arrogantly:

- Is there any animal more benevolent than me?

- Of course there is! - answered the man.

- How? - The bee was scandalized - Surely you were wrong! If not ... tell me his name.

- Sheep she is our greatest benefactress - he replied - because her wool is necessary to us, while your honey is only pleasant.

"That's your opinion," the bug buzzed.

And it has no foundation.

- I'll explain it to you - he answered -: the sheep willingly yields his wool and without creating problems for us; you give us honey,

but instead you are always ready to sting us.

Moral: The goodness it is the virtue that must be valued the most.

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