The 5 most popular Halloween crafts for kids

The 5 most popular Halloween crafts for kids

Do you like to celebrate Halloween with children? If you are thinking of decorating the house on these dates in an original way, you will love our proposals: are the 5 most popular Halloween crafts for kids. At least the most successful ones on our YouTube channel.

Pay attention, because they are crafts for all tastes, but with something in common: they are so simple that you can do them with your children.

Here you have one selection of Halloween crafts most popular for kids. You can take advantage and sit down to elaborate them with them. You will have a fun time with your family:

1. Pumpkin lantern to decorate the house on Halloween

To make this practical and fun craft you need few materials: a large plastic cup, orange and green cardboard, a ruler, scissors and orange cellophane. It is a simple and very fun craft. And it looks great as a decoration! Of course, remember that it is made of paper. You can't use fire candles with it! For it to light up, you will need to get a candle with an LED light.

2. Witch hat for your daughter's Halloween costume

If you are planning to dress up your daughter as a witch for the Halloween party, you cannot miss this accessory: the witch hat, with tulle and spiders. It is ideal and also very simple to do. You only need black felt, white tulle fabric, orange and black cardboard, compass, ruler, glue gun and scissors. Follow the step by step video tutorial and you will have no problem getting a beautiful and glamorous witch hat.

3. Catrina mask for Halloween

In Mexico, he is the most popular character in the celebration of his Day of the Dead or Day of the Dead. It is a colorful skull decorated with flowers and very cheerful colors. You can dress up your daughter as Catrina by making a mask. It is very simple to do and you will have a great time coloring to your liking. You dare? You just have to follow the step by step video tutorial.

4. Witch with broom to decorate the house on Halloween

You can't imagine what you can do with a simple roll of toilet paper, a little black cardboard, a straw, yellow paper and a little paint. A nice witch to decorate the house! Do you want to learn how to make this simple craft? In the video we offer you the step by step so you don't get lost.

5. Cardboard vampire for Halloween

This craft is so simple that younger children can also do it. You only need black, white and red card stock, a roll of toilet paper, some plastic eyes and glue. The result? A nice vampire who gives nothing, nothing scary.

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Video: Halloween arts and crafts for kids. Top 5 2020 (January 2022).