Symptoms of childhood cancer in children and babies

Symptoms of childhood cancer in children and babies

Even though a lot of cancer research has been done over the decades, it still the causes are not known of most tumors in children. Currently, the incidence of cancer in children is very low: 140 new cases a year for every million children under 15 years of age.

Advances in diagnostic techniques and treatments for childhood cancer have increased the survival of these children by up to 80 percent. But what are the symptoms of childhood cancer in children and babies?

exist different signals or symptoms that may suggest that the child has cancer. Detection of any alteration is usually located in the neck or abdomen of the kids.

Although there are different types of cancer, at least 85 percent of all childhood cancers have similar symptoms. The most significant are the following:

- Anemia accompanied by bleeding and excess bruising (bruising)
- Headaches accompanied by disturbances in sleep or behavior and conduct
- Prolonged fever with no apparent cause
- Headache persistent, accompanied by nocturnal vomiting
- Swelling and abnormal abdominal mass
- Fatigue, weight loss, paleness
- Ganglia swollen lymphatics
- Infections frequent

However, the earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the more effective the disease treatment will be. The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) recommends that parents, considering that most of the cancer symptoms can be interpreted as common childhood ailments, if there is any suspicion, go to the doctor to be rtake the tests to rule out the diagnosis of the disease. Cancer spreads very quickly in childhood. Early detection and treatment increase the chances that the child will be cured and lead a normal life.

The precise diagnosis corresponds to a doctor who specializes in childhood oncologyas these symptoms can be common to other childhood ailments. In the event that the cancer is located in a critical area such as the brain, the tumor, although small, can produce symptoms in the early stages of the disease, thanks to the pressure it exerts on the affected brain area. However, there are cancers that They go unnoticed and they can only be diagnosed when they are quite developed.

Source consulted:
American Cancer Society

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