7 types of honey and their benefits for children and pregnant women

7 types of honey and their benefits for children and pregnant women

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That honey is an excellent aid for the health of children and adults is known to all. A glass of hot lemon water and four tablespoons of honey before going to bed and your child will recover from the cold in a few days without using cough syrups.

Honey is the best sweetener that exists, and it is also natural, but keep in mind that not all honeys are the same. We tell you some types of honey and its benefits for children and pregnant women.

How right are our grandmothers to send us milk with honey to sleep! That popular wisdom already knew the healing properties of honey, What perhaps was not so clear is that not all honeys are used to cure the same ailments.

The types of honeys depend on the flower with which it is made, so each honey will provide the properties of each plant; so your child should take honey according to the ailment he suffers, or he will not get its benefits.

It should be known that, no matter how healthy honey is for the body, it should not be administered to children under 1 year of age, since it may have spores produces botulism, and that it is difficult to remove, not even when we cook it.

We also have to take into account that young children who cannot brush their teeth should not take honey, since being sticky it adheres to the teeth and it is easy for them to cause cavities.

Out of these little downsides, honey is one of the healthiest products, and that reports great benefits for children and pregnant women.

There are some that are indicated for constipation, for circulation, others for relieve cough, others are antibacterial, and others improve the kidneys and liver.

Obviously not. There are specific honeys that help to improve the respiratory system, expectorant honeys that help eliminate mucus from the airways, and honeys that serve nothing more than to sweeten.

Bees make as many types of honeys as types of trees and plants are around it, so in each area a different type of honey will be produced.

It must be borne in mind that, for a honey to transmit all its properties intact, must be unpasteurized, and that crystallizes with the cold. The honeys sold in supermarkets and which are always liquid, do not usually have more properties than those of sweetening, since when they are boiled they kill all the healthy substances they had.

Types of honeys and what they are for

- Linden Honey: It is recommended for the respiratory system, increases sweating, which is good for sweating fever. It stimulates the elimination of toxins, but is Contraindicated for children with heart problems.

- Floral Honey: Made with flowers of all kinds, it does not have any specific properties. It serves just sweetener.

- Chestnut Honey: Dark in color and strong in flavor, it has a powerful antibiotic effect. It is recommended for ulcers and urinary infections.

- Lavender Honey: One of the most healing. Of intense flavor and very aromatic, it is especially recommended for pregnant womenas it helps to better metabolize iron and calcium from food. It is also good for fighting osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Relieves cough and clears the lungs of mucus, has expectorant effect.

- Acacia honey: Reduces insomnia, anxiety and nerves, so it is highly recommended for mothers and fathers with babies. It is mild in flavor and helps combat poor circulation and constipation.

- Rosemary Honey: Improves blood circulation, functioning liver, digestion and rheumatism.

- Forest honey: Dark and strong in flavor. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. With a lot of iron, recommended for children who have anemia and obesity since it is low in sugar and rich in minerals.

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