Lice: my head itches mom!

Lice: my head itches mom!

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They are masters of camouflage and in each new course, at this time, they settle at ease on the heads of our children. Lice are parasites that are very difficult to detect and to prevent them it is essential that Let's spend 10 minutes a week inspecting theat the head of our children.

I have just received the school circular informing us that they have been detected pediculosis cases in the center and before I finished reading it, I already felt itching. I fear the moment when the children will tell me: Mom, my head itches!.

And it is that the subject of lice is especially delicate for mothers because it gives us nails and makes us panic and of shame. Just think about what my children cry When I pass the picker after applying the vinegar, which stings them, but is good for removing nits, I get nervous.

When treating a lice infestation, it is best to opt for the latest generation products. The traditional pediculicides sold in pharmacies, which include permethrin, malathion and phenothrin, are less and less recommended due to the high failure rate due to the appearance of sources of resistance. The new pediculicides no longer contain chemical insecticides and in pharmacies you will now find the dimethicone, which contains a special silicone and natural pyrethrins. These products work better, but you have to insist on the second treatment after 8 or 10 days because few products kill nits. With my children, it has worked for me to explain that lice cases among children are normal and that to prevent them, they must learn not to put their heads together, not to share combs and hats, and to collaborate during the ten minutes a week that the revisions usually last .

Today we can take the child to school while the infestation lasts, according to an information campaign by the Community of Madrid, with some precautions like:
- Wear long hair tied up and short hair well slicked.
- Inform the school so that teachers can notify other parents without giving names and surnames.

Therefore, before falling prey to panic and shame, I believe that mothers have to help each other, spending as much time as necessary on deworming treatments and sharing information.

Marisol New

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