Bikran yoga during pregnancy

Bikran yoga during pregnancy

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Yoga is becoming more fashionable every day, and it is not for less, since through the practice of this ancient discipline, it is possible get rid of tensions, improve physical strength, as well as flexibility and balance.

It seems strange to talk about such things when you are pregnant and with an increasingly prominent belly, but it is not like that. The Bikran It is an ideal type of yoga for pregnant women because it is oriented to avoid injury and eliminate toxins quickly and healthy. We will tell you what Birkan yoga is during pregnancy.

Bikran yoga or "hot yoga", as it is also known, it is practiced in a room at 40º temperature. Each session, which typically includes about 26 postures and two breathing exercises, lasts about 90 minutes. The benefits of Bikran yoga during pregnancy they increase with practice.

It is recommended that before starting this type of yoga, you have practiced for at least six months the conventional yoga. Over time you can learn to focus your mind, control your breathing, acquire strength, balance and flexibility, and relieve back and leg pain so common in pregnancy.

In addition, practicing yoga also prepares the pregnant woman's body for childbirth, and helps it to have a rfaster body recovery after delivery. If you already practiced yoga before pregnancy, don't quit. Continue with the poses until this gestation period is over. It is very good for preventing postpartum depression, bloating, and stress.

As you practice this type of relaxation you will realize the true meaning of yoga which is union of body, mind and spirit. Do not forget that your well-being during pregnancy will also be felt and experienced by the baby within you.

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