Screens can make children myopia

Screens can make children myopia

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Our children were born in thetechnological era. Since they were little they know how to turn on the television, search the internet, play with tablets, and use their mobile. His exposure to the screens is continuous and this is a fact to take into account. It is now known that Screens can make children myopia.

For years they have been warning us that the exposure of children to digital screens produces negative effects on your health, such as bad posture habits, back problems, and now myopia.

Several pediatric studies have revealed that the light emitted by digital displays It has a high proportion of short wavelengths, a very powerful light that damages the eyes.

After observing several individuals exposed to screens without filter, it was verified how they possessed fewer retinal cells. The influence of light on the retina depends on the spectral composition of the light, the time of use and the distance. This is a fact to take into account, since children receive three times more light short-wavelength, because they tend to move closer to screens, and this is one of the reasons why screens can cause myopia in children.

But the negative effects of screens in children they are not limited to myopia, but in addition to bad postural habits and back pain, they cover much more.

It is not something new, it is clear that the hours that children spend stand in front of a screenOf whatever type, they do not use them to play, or to read, or to stimulate the imagination, which affects the speed of learning.

Numerous research offers a clear claim: Avoid exposure to screens by children under two years of age.

Infants and younger children have been shown to they learn by imitating peopleHowever, in the case of babies who look at screens, this does not happen in the same way. In addition, it was possible to verify how the children who were exposed to the screens before 12 months for more than 2 hours a day, they had 6 times more chances to develop language problems.

The outlook is no more rosy for older than two yearsAs it was also shown that children learn more from real life situations than from television or educational explanations.

Of course, if the content is age-appropriate these negative effects are minor.

It is not reassuring to know that several studies relate children's exposure to the screen with attention problems in the future, and the situation worsens when there are televisions in children's rooms.

Studies have shown that there are similar behaviors and traits in children who spend many hours a day in front of screens.

- Increase in violence and aggressive behaviors

- Sexual images distorted

- Problems of self esteem and with his body image

- Obesity and nutritional problems

- Higher risk of suffering myopia

- Back pains or postural

We must be aware that, although our children were born in the technological era, parents are responsible for educating and teaching what is the proper way to use them.

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