Table to know if your child is gifted according to his age

Table to know if your child is gifted according to his age

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Many parents find that their children are smarter than usual, but Are they really gifted children?It is difficult to know, since intelligent children are often confused with children with high abilities, when it is not the same.

In We give you a table so that you know what the most visible signs of gifted children by age,and you can know if your child is gifted.

The gifted childrens are those who have great learning ability and curiosity about things in the world around them. They are interested in learning and understanding, and bombard us with thousands of questions, they also have a great capacity to solve problems, make complex deductions and continually question themselves.

On the other hand, smart kids They are the ones who need to understand how the world works and ask a lot of the whys and hows questions.

Gifted children always have high intelligence, but high intelligence children do not always have high abilities.

It is convenient to know that intelligence is not one, but that science has distinguished different types of intelligences: linguistics, mathematics, logic, physical, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existentialist. A child may have one of them highly developed and yet be very clumsy in another.

The potential that these children have is born with them, however it can grow or diminish with age if it is not stimulated properly and suppose a serious problem for the undiagnosed child.

How do you really know if your child is gifted? Only one specialized psychologist In these subjects, it is the one that can really tell you if your child has high abilities, through several tests. If so, you should put it in knowledge of the school, that through counseling services will validate the diagnosis.

The best education system for a gifted child is one flexible, with few standards, that facilitates research, initiative and creativity.

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