No to the pacifier for the baby: why?

No to the pacifier for the baby: why?

Few babies have yet to try the pacifier. There are parents, like me at the time, who include the pacifier in the shopping list for the baby, before its birth, and even find out before the different models and brands on the market, since there are silicone and latex, ergonomic and with adapted teats at different ages and stages of babies. However, the pacifier is not recommended for children, especially from 3 years old. No to the pacifier for the baby, why?

The pacifier calms and relaxes babies, but at the same time it can bring many problems with phonics and pronunciation for children.

The habit of sucking on the pacifier or the bottle, and sucking the thumb represents a risk in the development of the child's speech, if they are carried out for a long time. According to researchers at the School of Public Health at the University of Washington, in the United States, the use of the pacifier for a very long period can cause speech disorders in children, preschool age. The study, which looked at 128 children ages 3 to 5, was published in the medical journal BMC Pediatrics.

The researchers observed that children who had the habit of sucking on fingers, sucking on a pacifier or bottle, they presented difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, some words or simplified their pronunciation. After evaluating, together with the children's parents, the feeding behaviors and sucking habits during their childhood, they related the prolonged habit of the pacifier with their ability to speak.

By using the habit of the pacifier, the child it does not exercise all the muscles of the oral cavity. And, as he is only using certain muscles, he does not manage to develop the necessary muscles and this influences his ability to speak correctly, his phonetics suffer. The experts suggested to parents that prevent children from getting into the pacifier habit, or finger licking.

No to the pacifier for the baby, why? Because the pacifier use from the age of three it can compromise the child's speech development. Even just by delaying bottle-feeding until at least the first 9 months, it would be possible to lower the baby's risk of developing these disorders. Breastfeeding is the best option because it helps the baby to exercise the muscles of the mouth, face and tongue, necessary for improve your speaking ability.

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