10 phrases to control children's anxiety before going back to school

10 phrases to control children's anxiety before going back to school

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I remember that first day. That 'bug' in the stomach. The heart a thousand. It is a day of strong emotions: reunion with new friends, teachers and classmates, a classroom on a different floor. Changes, many changes. Book premiere to be highlighted and that shiny white polo shirt ... at least that day.

It is normal for your child to go to that first day of school nervous and even anxious. Which makes me think about how important words are at times like this. Not just for this day, but for any time your child is stressed: Here are some phrases to control children's anxiety before going back to school or any other situation that exceeds them.

The first thing is to put yourself in their place. The value of empathy will allow you to dress in his emotions and know why he is so nervous at that moment. What would you like to be told in that nervous moment? As such, we think, feel for a moment and come across all these phrases that we would like to hear in a moment of anguish:

1. 'I know how you feel': Nothing like making him see that you understand him, that you know what's wrong with him. Understanding can work as a wonderful painkiller. It's like saying, 'I trust you. I understand you and I know that you will know how to handle it very well. '

2. 'The same thing happened to me too': It makes your child not feel like 'a freak'. We, the parents, are your reference. If they hear that their father or mother was also nervous that day, they will stop giving it so much importance and of course, they will no longer see it as something strange. Tell him about your experience, or some funny anecdote that you remember and make him laugh.

3. 'Take a deep breath': Breathing is essential to achieve relaxation. Take a deep breath, hold the air for a few seconds and expel it slowly. Teach your child to breathe like this whenever they are more nervous than usual. It works!

4. 'Can I help you?': Even if your child does not come up with an answer at that time, he will feel accompanied and will understand that he is not alone, that there is someone he trusts who is willing to help him.

5. 'Squeeze this in hand': A small anti-stress doll, one of those squishies, or a simple ball of paper. Squeezing your hand something releases stress. You can also bring a doll if you are small and they allow it at school.

6. 'Imagine that what you feel is a monster ... draw it!': Helping him to express what he feels in the form of a drawing is an ideal tool for a child to lose the fear of feeling that emotion. 'It's normal to be afraid, but you can beat it.'

7. 'Scream before leaving home': Yes, it's time to let him scream. Look for a phrase like 'I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid!'. Do you know that yelling in times of stress causes you to release endorphins?

8. 'Do you remember that day that ...?': Remember a time when you felt like this, distressed, and how you managed to enjoy the day as soon as you relaxed. Look for those positive memories that can generate more confidence in himself.

9. 'Close your eyes and imagine ...': Think of a time when your son felt calm, happy ... A day at the beach, his birthday, that day he got together with his cousins ​​... Welcome positive thoughts!

10. 'I love you'. Never get tired of repeating these phrases. They are only two words, but do not underestimate the power they have ... Accompany them with a hug and a kiss. Often some gestures are just those words that you could not find.

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