Tips for resuming your sleep routine when you go back to school

Tips for resuming your sleep routine when you go back to school

Many of you will have already returned to work and your children to school, but does it take several days to get back to sleep routines and get up early again? And we are talking about big words when you have children. Going back to sleep early is a big challenge and that is why the early morning seems like an odyssey.

So we end up rushing out of our daily routines in a very bad mood and the day becomes heavy and tedious. So before this happens to you, review these tips to get back to the sleep routine back to school.

Thinking about it, I gave myself the task of getting the voice of an expert to give us some recommendations to recover the sleep habits of children, after the holidays:

1 - Two weeks before: This is going to sound complicated but to avoid that the change is abrupt, the psychologist Fabián Salinas recommends starting to change the time to get up earlier and earlier. "Something that can also help a lot is scheduling outings or activities in the morning, for which they should get up earlier to get ready," he advises.

2 - Food: The expert invites us to avoid the consumption of stimulating foods or drinks such as sweets, chocolates and dark drinks, in order to have a good sleep cycle.

3 - Assertiveness: Salinas tells us that parents should be careful with what we say and how we say it "do not show sleeping as an obligation, much less set a deadline for sleeping, present it as a privilege, a pleasure, something pleasant and necessary."

4 - Space: promoting independence is the invitation of this psychologist and that is why he recommends that children have their own bed and space to rest. What a good idea! Since we can do this at any time of the year, but what if they open a room or bed for themselves, taking advantage of the return to school? This is sure to encourage them to go to bed early.

5 - For the little ones: the family expert affirms that "children from 2 to 5 years of age benefit from having a nap during the day, however, long or late naps are not recommended" so if you see him sleeping a lot, make him wake up so you don't have a problem at night to make him sleep.

6 - Mobile devices: Another advice that our consulted gives us is to avoid the use of new technologies in bed "and the best way is by example, the bed is to rest." I believe that several parents sin by the excessive use of technology. Well, the advice is not to do it in front of the boys so that you can demand that they not do it.

7 - Weekends: After a week of difficult adaptation, is it true that more than one of us intend to recover over the weekend? Well, Salinas says that you can sleep a couple of hours more but advises that you avoid getting up at noon as much as possible because this makes it difficult to return to the activities of the week.

8 - Communication: promoting the expression of feelings within the family allows going to bed more calmly. That is, flow with your children, talk to them, allow them to go to bed light of mental baggage and you too, if you have to tell them something, don't keep it to yourself.

What good advice our expert gives us. To apply it moms and dads in our daily routines to see how it goes.

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