False beliefs about children raised by gay couples

False beliefs about children raised by gay couples

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In the XXI century, there are many who still raise their hands when talking about families whose partners are homosexual. This generates a popular rumor, more based on own and religious beliefs, than in scientific realities, this is the reason that in the last 50 years numerous scientific studies have been carried out that have left revealing data on the matter and that make many fall of the myths that are held. At Guiainfantil.clom we break myths related to children raised by teenage couples.

1- Gay couples are not natural. Science has shown that sex between animals of the same sex is normal, with more than 1500 different species of animals that practice it.

2- It is best that children are raised by a father and a mother. A study conducted in the late 1990s revealed how children raised in families with low stress levels, few conflicts, and marital love developed healthier psychologically, regardless of their parents' sexual orientation. Furthermore, it was seen that same-sex parents developed greater empathy with their children and were more attentive to their children's needs; This greater attention was reflected in the children raised by homosexual couples, who obtained better grades in school and had better social adaptation.

3- Children raised by homosexual couples will become homosexual. Completely false. An investigation, carried out over 20 years, showed that more than 90% of the children of same-sex couples were heterosexual, the same proportion that there is among children of heterosexual couples. Sex roles are determined mainly by genetic inheritance and, it has been proven that boys raised without the presence of the father, do not stop being virile, and girls raised by lesbians do not lack femininity.

On the other hand, these children did not develop problems with their gender identity, and they used the same toys and carried out the same activities, roles and vocational interests as the rest.

4- They will have greater discrimination in school. This fact depends a lot on the country in which it occurs, but in developed countries and with a more open mind, the bullying experienced by children of homosexual parents is not greater than that of children of heterosexuals.

5- Gay couples do not last long and most are pedophiles. This harsh statement is totally denied, since in a study of 42 couples over 12 years (21 gays and 21 lesbians) only 20% broke up in that period of time; a proportion even somewhat lower than in couples of different sexes.

As for the statement against gays, accusing them of pedophilia, an investigation made with 270 children who had been victims of sexual abuse, 82% of the aggressors were heterosexual.

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