Children's diet: three courses or a single dish?

Children's diet: three courses or a single dish?

Although it seems generally accepted that the most recommended meal pattern during childhood is 5 a day -3 main ones, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two lighter ones, lunch and a snack-, the content of these meals, especially food and dinner is sometimes a source of discussion.

And not only this, we also raise the Advantages and disadvantages of the children's diet offering three courses or a single dish. What is the best?

Meal hours in Spain are far from what is customary in other countries, and since there is a very long period between breakfast and lunch, the general trend is to eat a copious meal. Meanwhile, in other countries, these times are very different, the food being much earlier and less abundant.

According to this pattern, the food should provide approximately 30 - 35% of the total caloric intake of the day, generally divided into three dishes, with a fruit-based dessert and accompanied by bread. Depending on the caloric density of the first course, a more or less caloric second course should be chosen, as it should nutritionally complement the first course.

One drawback is that, the younger the child, the more likely they will not be able to eat all three dishesThis being a problem if the menu is intended to be consumed in its entirety. If this is the case, the main difficulty is that, even if it covers their caloric needs (since they themselves decide that they have been filled), the first dish exclusively will not cover their nutritional needs, at least as far as micronutrients are concerned. . As they get older, this will happen less frequently and they will be able to eat the second course as well, and later, dessert as well.

As opposed, Choosing a single dish at mealtime is presumed advantageous especially for young children. A single dish is characterized by including small portions of various foods, to achieve a balanced and complete dish both in its macro and micronutrient content.

What to do then in the face of preparing three dishes or a single dish. Although the choice seems difficult to achieve a healthy children's diet, it is not so difficult, and Each option may be advantageous in some circumstances and not so much in others, depending on the age of the child, the specific situation (daily, weekend or holidays) and even in season (in summer the first courses are usually lighter and it is easier for even the little ones to be willing to eat three courses).

What we must achieve in any case is that, whether in three dishes or in a combined one, enough variety of foods is offered to obtain an optimal nutritional contribution.

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