Diaper rash in the baby

Diaper rash in the baby

Baby's skin is very delicate and requires scrupulous hygiene and a lot of care. Even so, it is normal that at some point the baby develops redness or very small pimples in the area of ​​contact with the diaper. It is the so-called diaper rash.

The dermatologistAngela Hernandez Martin, a doctor at the Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid, offers us in this interview, granted exclusively to, the best tips to protect the skin during childhood.

The diaper rash it is very common in babies from four months of age and manifests as small rashes or bright red bumps in the area of ​​contact with the diaper. There are many causes, among which are fungi (which appear because there is moisture in the area), the type of stools of the baby or as a reaction to some type of antibiotic that the baby has just taken.

What can we do to protect the baby from irritation in the diaper area?

To protect the skin of children, we must take care of their hygiene. The bathroom, in some cases, should be daily, depending on the child's activity, how hot it is, if there has been an incident or has stained. Hygiene guidelines should follow parental discretion, but keep in mind that the child must be kept clean. After bathing, it is convenient to dry the skin well, without rubbing too much, with little touches, with a cotton towel or bathrobe, and then it is the ideal time to hydrate, always with non-perfumed children's products. The degree of the fatty component of the moisturizer should depend on the child's skin.

If you have dry skin, you have to hydrate with more oily substances and, if you have normal skin, a normal emollient with oatmeal or non-greasy moisturizers is enough.
In the diaper area, where humidity and heat is very frequent, you have to be meticulous. Diapers, today, are disposable and have plastic components, and this causes the heat and humidity to create an ideal breeding ground for fungal infection in the diaper area. What can we do? Repeatedly changing the diaper to avoid the development of infections, dry the diaper area well and use barrier creams of an astringent nature to prevent infection and irritation.

Some children have a tendency to redden their skin in the folds of their body. How can we easily alleviate these common irritations?
The mechanism for producing irritation in the area of ​​diapers folds is very similar to diaper rash. Moisture and heat accumulate in a fold and this causes irritation to be initially triggered and later an infection, usually by fungi. Children who are chubby and have many folds in the neck, or who have little mobility in the arms and have a certain tendency to this irritation, must have these dry areas. It is advisable to wash them regularly, although you do not have to obsess over hygiene, and after washing dry the skin well to eliminate the most important factor that triggers irritation, which is moisture.

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