The power of baby teeth to save a life

The power of baby teeth to save a life

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What parent doesn't keep that child's first baby tooth? It is a magical, unique and unrepeatable moment. Most of children, they lovingly guard their little tooth. That night, they will receive the visit of the Tooth Fairy, an enigmatic character (very shy), fond of exchanging recently fallen baby teeth for a coin or a small detail.

But ... how important are baby teeth? If they no longer serve! Or if? Discover the power of baby teeth to save a life.

Now it turns out that baby teeth are not just transitional teeth, but that hide a great power: stem cells. The pulp of the tooth has stem cells, well protected in a sterile place. Yes, the same cells that are preserved along with the umbilical cord of many newborns.

Although the regenerative possibilities of these cells, are already used in more than 70 operations and interventions, such as dental implants. Stem cells cause tissue and bone to regenerate faster and reduce the chance of rejection in the case of dental implants.

But in addition, dental stem cells can be used, apart from by the owner of the tooth himself, by his relatives, and a recent study has shown that these cells are capable of generating insulin. That is why many stem cell research centers think about the great power of baby teeth. To take advantage of its virtues, yes, they have to conserve them, as is done with the umbilical cord. The downside: there are few 'Baby Tooth Banks', and the price to use them is still very high.

Most of the stem cells used today come from umbilical cord preservation. But is it really good for anything? Although there is still much to discover, stem cells have rich potential, and they are already a key element in diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and some types of cancer. Among other things, stem cells are used to:

- Regenerate the bone marrow after cancer treatment

- Regenerate the heart after a heart attack

- The skin transplant. Regeneration of the skin after a burn

- Liver regeneration

- Regeneration of neurons, applied to patients with paralysis

- Blood regeneration

- Bone regeneration

- Regeneration of the cornea

Can you imagine the amount of stem cells that could be preserved from storing baby teeth? Can you imagine the number of lives that could be saved in the future?

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