Why is it so important to say I love you to the children

Why is it so important to say I love you to the children

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They are only two words and, nevertheless, there are fathers and mothers who find it enormously difficult to pronounce them. Perhaps they were not told to them when they were little, perhaps they believe that deeds are more important than words or perhaps they do not value it enough.

I love you, these are the two words that are sometimes so difficult to pronounce but have such highly positive and beneficial effects for our children that we should say them every day. Learn why it is so important to say I love you to your children.

Saying I love you to children should be a mantra for us, does it cost so much? They are two words that contain only a little of what we feel for our children. By expelling them, transmitting them and expressing them out loud, we are reminding and affirming how much they matter to us.

Obviously, it is not worth just saying I love your children, you also have to show it. Acts matter and are essential for children to feel loved, but those two words, I love you, stimulate them like this:

- Stimulates the bond between parents and children, increases the emotional connection, the closeness between each other.

- Improves child's self-esteem: we reaffirm the love we feel for them and this has a high emotional impact. Self-esteem is the awareness that each one has of himself, the value we give ourselves, how we accept ourselves, with the good and the bad. In this way, we tell our children that we love them as they are and this affects their having a good self-esteem.

- It fosters trust between parents and children: To say I love you is to open up fully and express an intimate feeling, therefore, it favors communication and dialogue as a family, and trust between one another.

- Brings peace and well-being to children: helps them to grow safe and calm. You just have to observe the impact that those two words have on them.

- Make them happy: And it is that, one of our objectives as parents is to achieve the happiness of our children, and part of that happiness is achieved by transmitting how much we love them.

- Helps them grow emotionally: Teaching our children to express their emotions and feelings happens by doing it ourselves, by being an example in it. Opening up and expressing what we feel will help them to explore and not be afraid of their emotions.

It is true that there are infinite ways to say I love you to children besides with those two words: with a kiss, a hug, listen to them when they need it, support them in what they do, pick them up when they fall, laugh when they tell us a joke, read that story that they like so much, comfort them when they are sad, make them happy with little things. ..

However, don't underestimate the power to say I LOVE YOU to your children.

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