Easter eggs with surprise. Children's crafts with wool

Easter eggs with surprise. Children's crafts with wool

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At Easter it is traditional to give chocolate eggs, following this tradition, on our site we have created our own Easter eggWe have, however, filled it with some delicious surprises.

We teach you how to make an original and beautiful egg with wool that has chocolate balls inside. It is a very simple Easter craft to make, do you dare?


  • Balloon
  • Chocolate balls
  • A glass container
  • A glass
  • White glue
  • Wool

1. To begin we pour a little white glue into the glass container and mix it with water. Introduce the wool so that it is impregnated but do not lose the end.

2. Inflate and deflate the balloon a little to give it itself and then put the chocolate balls in it. Then inflate just a little and tie a knot.

3. Take the wool and start to roll the balloon, apply a little more glue once you finish and let it rest for 24 hours on a glass.

4. Pop the balloon and carefully remove it. To make it more original and more beautiful, we have glued a bow on it.

5. You can make several of different colors and place it in a basket. It looks great, don't you think?

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