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Advice on breastfeeding

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Breast milk is the best food that can be given to the baby; According to the World Health Organization, it contains nutrients that are not found in artificial milk, which help prevent diseases and provide multiple benefits that even reach adulthood. Due to its importance, it is necessary to take into account some aspects that will allow breastfeeding in a more adequate and pleasant way, both for the mother and for the little one.

To adapt to the new environment, the newborn experiences a series of reflexes, among which is sucking. The baby feels the need to suck as soon as he feels any friction on the lips, this action will allow him to carry out the breastfeeding process. When you start to breastfeed, it is convenient to breastfeed the baby every three hours so that he takes in colostrum, a yellow liquid that the breasts expel before producing milk, which will transmit immunity against most diseases during the first months.

It is important to mention that many times the baby may not be able to feed correctly, since it is likely that he will swallow air and release the nipple from time to time without wanting to do so, which causes milk to leak from the corners of the lips. To avoid this type of situation, we tell you step by step how to perform breastfeeding correctly.

1- The hygiene of the hands and the nipples is essential To start breastfeeding, likewise if the mother is sick with the flu, it is convenient to put a handkerchief or mask in her mouth.

2- Always take the shot in the same place, It will ensure a calm and comfortable environment for both mother and baby, so that he can easily access the nipple.

3- Put the nipple completely in the baby's mouth and pressing the breast with a finger, will allow the little one not to swallow air and breathe comfortably through the nose. The mother should not make sudden movements, it is important that she is relaxed and if the baby is restless she can speak to her gently while caressing her.

4- If you do not release the nipple at the end A good trick is to bring your little finger to the end of the baby's mouth to try to suck.

5- Finally, the baby should be placed in an upright position so that he expels the air, placing his head on the shoulder alternating the side after each take.

It must be taken into account that during the lactation period the mother should avoid strong foods, the consumption of alcohol, medications and other substances that are harmful to the baby through milk. Negative emotions of the mother such as stress, depression or anxiety if they last for long periods can also harm it.

If after the first days of life the baby is bottle-fed, the following actions should be taken to maintain hygiene and prevent viral infections:

1- Sterilize the bottle previously and prepare the exact amounts of water and milk indicated by the pediatrician.

2- Check that the milk comes out of the nipple, that no air has formed inside and that the temperature is ideal by putting a few drops on the inside of the wrist.

3- Make sure that the nipple fits well in the baby's mouth to keep him from swallowing air. Keeping the bottle tilted also prevents the entry of air because the nipple fills with milk.

4- Take a break about halfway through the feed to allow the baby to breathe out.

Parents should take into account that babies fed with breast milk from the second or third month seem to gain less weight and less height than adequate, however most pediatricians consider that the growth pattern in weight and height of infants Babies fed with breast milk is different from those who take a bottle, without this meaning that they are less well fed, since the nutrients they take are more adapted to their needs and are more balanced.

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