Storm. Children's story to overcome fears

Storm. Children's story to overcome fears

Through children's stories, children can learn about emotions and feelings. This story that we bring you in is a clear example.

Written by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, Storm, was a finalist in the international competition La Pereza. It is the story of five kittens who have to face a stormy night. How will they overcome their fears? How will they overcome the fear they feel?

The sky quickly darkened. The five kittens looked at the window scared, sensing the storm that was coming. In silence they listened to the furious wind whipping the wooden shutters outside the house.

- Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh ...

The air entered through the cracks of the old house whistling in a chilling way:

- Uhhhhhh, Uhhhhhh.

They all huddled in a corner with great fear.

Horco, the older brother, tried to be brave in front of the kittens and said:

- There is no one, it is only the wind that blows, do not be afraid.

But at that moment, a zigzagging beam in the sky illuminating the entire room, making giant shadows appear on the walls, which made everyone recoil and hug each other shivering. Yaiza who was standing next to a glass door, saw how shining eyes stared at her from the other side.

- Miaaauuu !! She screamed very scared at the same time that she took a great jump doing a pirouette in the air, to fall immediately crushing her sister Canela, who moaned in pain without knowing what had happened.

-Anyone there! I have seen it! Anyone there! She repeated over and over again, babbling very nervous and with the creeps.

Horco approached her and grabbing her back with his mouth, shook her several times trying to calm her down.

-Shut up! - He said between his teeth without letting it go - Don't you realize that you're scaring the little ones?

- It was your reflection, he tried to explain it, it was you who ...

He hadn't finished speaking yet, when a deafening noise thundered in the room causing everyone to cringe and hug each other tightly.

- Prurumprumpuuuuuuuuummmmmmm ...

Bolita, the smallest of the kittens, noticed how a trail of pee fell between his paws and began to moan saying:

- I'm scared! I'm very scared! Sniffff ...

Cinnamon with his little brother, quickly removed him from the pool of urine that he had left on the floor and hugged him whispering:

- Don't cry Bolita, it was only thunder, I won't leave you alone.

Horco spoke to reassure everyone:

- It is a storm, it will pass soon and the calm will return, do not fear little brothers.

Then the rain suddenly began to beat against the windows with great force. They all turned when they heard the noise in the other corner of the room

- Plof, plof, plof, plof, plof! ...

A huge leak in the ceiling was beginning to drip and the water that was running down the wall was wetting an old clock hanging there. The ticks began to slow down, there was a moment when sounds filled the room: Tic, Plof, Tac, Plof, Tic, Plof, Tac, Plof.

They were so engrossed in staring at the clock wall that neither of them noticed someone had entered the room. It was a huge dog that came soaked seeking shelter. He thought the house was empty and when he found the whole family of cats there, he fell on his back in fear, tripping over an old wooden cabinet.

It was then that they saw him. Terrified, they huddled again, this time behind the older cat seeking protection. Horco, hiding the fear he felt, took a few steps forward and got into an attack position to protect them should the need arise.

But the dog said, getting up from the ground and shaking off the water:

- ¡What a scare you have given me! I thought there was no one in the house. What a storm!

He told them his name was Puppy and began to talk to them in a friendly way.

But with Bolita's fright, his teeth began to chatter, he was also very cold and Canela began to lick him to reassure him, first the legs, then the belly, the ears, little by little he made the little one warm up and fall asleep snuggled up to her.

- It smells good! How hungry I am! - Bolita said in his dream, while he was following the trail of the smell of food, with his nose raised throughout the house. At last he came to a place where there was a steaming plate of very hot milk, and he began to drink with great pleasure. They all looked at him strangely, Bolita made some very strange noises while he slept.

Why don't we play sing? Puppy said after a while with an animated voice, so the time will pass faster and we will be entertained.

- That, let's sing! -said Kika, who had been very quiet up to that moment- she's right, so we'll be entertained. Come on come!

All the kittens stood next to Cacharro, running to Bolita, who was still asleep without knowing anything, and they remained silent.

And Puppy began to sing:

- As the boat passed, the boatman told me, the cute kittens do not pay moneyooo - at the same time he gracefully imitated a gondolier making faces.

Kika also sang:

- Where are the keys, Killerilerile, Where are the keys, Killerileroooooo - they all finished singing with the kitten.

Little by little they were encouraged to sing trying to forget the storm. The kittens laughed at Puppy's witticisms which turned out to be a lot of fun. Without even realizing it, and very tired, they fell asleep.

At dawn, the light that entered through windows and cracks in the room, gradually woke them up. They looked at each other yawning and stretching their numb bodies. Yaiza's eyes were puffy and her hair stood on end, and everyone laughed when they saw her.

The first one to get up to look out the window was Puppy. followed by Horco and everyone else. Everything looked different now, it was no longer raining and it was shining a splendid sun,

And they all thought that thanks to the storm that had scared them so much they had made a new friend who was a lot of fun.

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