Benefits of Capoeira for children

Benefits of Capoeira for children

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In addition to the body, Capoeira also helps children exercise the mind. By stimulating children's perception, it works on their abilities and capacities to interpret and organize information, which is very important in this phase when they are in the process of building knowledge about themselves and the world around them.

Children learn Capoeira by playing. And what is the best way to keep a child in constant motion, other than through play? In his games, the child maintains contact with people and things, stores in his memory, studies causes and effects, solves problems, builds a useful vocabulary, learns to control his emotional reactions centered on himself and adapts his behaviors to the cultural habits of your social group. Playing, therefore, is essential for the full development of the human being.

Through these games present in the teaching of Capoeira for children, motor coordination, visual field, creativity, self-esteem, automation of movements are favored, and it educates children in the administration of time and space within a movement. The result is a more uninhibited and confident child.

1- Regarding the physical aspects, this sport offers children:

- Aerobic and anaerobic resistance.

- Speed.

- Flexibility.

- Muscular endurance.

- Increased reflexes.

- Strength and agility.

- Balance, coordination and rhythm.

- Simple and complex reaction time.

- More cardio-respiratory capacity.

2- Regarding the psychological aspects, Capoeira awakens, stimulates some qualities in children:

- Attention and perception.

- The creativity.

- Self-control and cunning.

- Cooperation and a sense of society.

- Discipline and respect.

- Self-confidence.

Another advantage of capoeira for children is that it does not create any frustration for the practitioner in relation to the competition, since the objective to be achieved is always that of the self-improvement and not overcoming others.

Read more about the practice and the history of Capoeira.

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- Abada Capoeira Gato Group

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