Children with trouble making friends

Children with trouble making friends

Socialization with other children is very important for the development of the little ones. Most children do not usually have difficulty making friends. For them, friendships provide approval, acceptance and a sense of belonging necessary for their successful development.

Nevertheless, some children encounter obstacles when interacting with their peers, and due to this, adaptation problems may appear in the future and with it, difficulties in growing their self-esteem.

One of the reasons why it can be difficult for children to make friends is because they are not yet mature enough to be able to establish a relationship with another child. This optimal maturation will appear after three or four years. The influence of the child's personality must also be taken into account. Whether the child is outgoing or shy will affect his way of relating to others.

- The extroverted children they know how to relate very well, but there will be situations in the future in which you will be disappointed and you will have to know how to fit in. They are usually the group leaders who organize what others should do.

- The boy who is shyor it is more difficult for him to make contact with others and he usually participates after thinking about the activities that others propose. It is difficult for them to have their own criteria.

There are times when the difficulty in making friends has nothing to do with personality, but is due to the little ones having some learning and attention difficulty. Due to this learning of the social skills necessary to establish relationships are affected. A) Yes:

- If the child has any language disorder he will not be able to express himself adequately.

- The child who has difficulties with executive functioning You will have trouble waiting your turn, sharing, controlling your emotions, etc. All important skills to relate to others.

- A child with ADHD lacks self-control and the attention necessary to interact with other children.

- A child with Hearing problems You will have difficulty understanding what others are saying to you in conversation or understanding the rules in games.

- Give him love. When parents are affectionate and able to give their children confidence and security, they will have a good basis for establishing their first social relationships. The attachment figure is very important in the early years.

- Respect the child's rhythm. The child should not be forced to interact with other children. It is the child who little by little must dare to do it.

- Parents must accompany in the process and serve as support to your children if they encounter relationship difficulties with others.

- Respect your personality.

- Praise him whenever he is sociable and cooperative with others.

- Sit down to talk with the children. If the child has difficulty relating, parents can sit down with the little ones to tell them how they approach others and tell them what they think is not working in order to guide them.

- Parents can teach socialize through movies, stories, games, etc. So that they learn pro-social skills, internalize them and practice them before establishing relationships with their peers.

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