The most suitable sport for your child according to his age

The most suitable sport for your child according to his age

Most parents agree on the advisability of their son or daughter playing sports, and end up sharing the same question: What sport is the most suitable? There is a sport for every age, for every type of personality and for every need that children have.

The choice of sports is less and less marked by the sex of the boys, although there is a natural tendency for girls to opt for rhythmic or artistic gymnastics and boys for soccer. Still, everything is changing, and both boys and girls are sharing sports.

The choice of a sport is a task that must be done between the son and his parents. It is necessary, above all, to respect the taste and interest of the little ones, and never force them to do something that they do not like.

Children three to five years of age

Children three to five years of age should not get more than three to four hours of physical exercise a week. It is also advisable to ask your pediatrician before starting to do any sport in case the child could have any respiratory or physical problems.

At this age, the most recommended activity is swimming, a sport in which all important aspects for the child's development are worked on: coordination, resistance, discipline, relationship between effort and result.

Children five to seven years of age

At this age the important thing is that the boy or girl does several different sports so that they can freely choose the one they like the most. The activity you perform at this age will give you an important base of different abilities.

Ideally, they will practice an individual sport such as swimming, sports gymnastics or martial arts (taekwondo, judo, karate), and another group such as football, basketball, handball or volleyball.

Eight and Nine Year Olds

When children reach eight or nine years old, it is time to think about whether your child is having fun practicing a single sport or, on the contrary, is he going to become an elite athlete and start competing in some discipline.

Everything will depend on the opinion of the children, although what parents consider to be the most appropriate for their little ones always prevails.

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